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      Eva Sparkling Sweet Apple

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      Eva Sparkling Wines are a range of smooth and delicious drinks with the natural taste of fresh fruit with fine bubbles, for alcohol-free toasting. First produced in Spain in the 90s, Eva Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Juice has been distributed by Chas E. Ramson Ltd for over a decade. Today, the 100% natural, non-alcoholic fruit juice range has 10 flavours, and is well known in Nigeria and all around the world.

      Eva Sparkling Sweet Apple Wine has a sweet, luxurious, and stimulating taste. Best served chilled and perfect for all types of celebrations or personal enjoyment, Eva Sparkling Sweet Apple Wine is a smooth, non-alcoholic, apple-based drink packaged in a champagne-like bottle. This attractive champagne-style bottling also makes Eva Sparkling Sweet Apple Wine the perfect drink for everyone, providing a healthy, refreshing, non-alcoholic alternative for teetotallers.

      Suitable for the whole family, Eva Sparkling Sweet Apple Wine is also perfect for all types of celebrations, events, and occasions at any time of the day. Great to serve guests with or to be presented as a gift, Eva Sparkling Sweet Apple Wine is also packaged and produced to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones in exciting times. This premium sparkling wine is best served chilled to enjoy the flavours in full.

      Eva Sparkling Sweet Apple Wine does not contain any preservative, sugar, or sweetener. This mellow drink pairs well with any type of food. It’s an ideal companion for all occasions and events – birthdays, anniversaries, dinner dates, weddings, and picnics.

      Pick up a bottle of Eva Sparkling Sweet Apple Wine today, and add some glamour to your celebrations!

      Once opened, store refrigerated and consume within four days.

      Product Information: Eva Sparkling Sweet Apple Wine

      Volume: 750 ml

      Character: Sweet

      Alcohol Content: 0.0%

      Ingredient Type: Vegetarian

      Country of Origin: Spain

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